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100055[Major Bug] Can't refresh my project explorer: The refresh button is unclickable.As Designed Project Explorer
100068Re-Formatting PCResolved Migration
100072Trying to build a report and can't find the attribute I am looking forResolved Report
100082[Major Bug] Rack Elevations Blocks not updatedAs Designed Blocks Redefine Purge Reopen
100088WC1359 - Assign Cable Number Dialog Cable Number drop-down does not auto-filterAs Designed Auto Filter Assign Cable Number
100095[Inconsistent Behavior] Ripple perform differently in drawing and project equipment ListAs Designed Ripple
100100Copy/Paste copies selection as entity instead of as editable and assignable elementsAs Designed Copy Paste
100111Context Aware Equipment AssignAs Designed Assignment Numbering
100117[Major Bug] Ripple doesn't change the front panel file in Rack LayoutsAs Designed Rack Builder Ripple Changes
100119Minor Bug: "Needs Refresh" Tag Does Not Update on RefreshResolved Next Numbers
100123Upgrading from v7 to v8Resolved SQL Migration
100122in project explorer my cables, for any given job are not visibleResolved Missing Cables Filter
100124Setting Up Azure DB for Global and Project DatabasesResolved SQL Azure
100126Migrating Plugin from Windows 7 to 8.1As Designed Plugin Development
100128Fatal Crash when opening WireCADResolved Plugin Development
100130PatchVerxResolved PatchVerx
100136[Nice To Have] Sort Location and other drop downs in project equipment listAs Designed Location Sort Order
100140[Critical Bug] After a pack-up and go all my systems are gone!Resolved Packup Checkout Checkin
100139Overview/comparisonResolved Presales Questions
100145Modular EquipmentResolved Modular Equipment
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