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Subject: Migrating Plugin from Windows 7 to 8.1
Status As Designed
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type VISTADB
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 1362


So all the engineers at our company have new laptops and are migrated to Windows 8.1. Now i can't update my plugin anymore without totally closing WireCAD. In windows 7 I could update my plugin without closing WireCAD but now the write permissions are changed in windows 8.1. "Run As Administrator" when starting Windows Visual Studio is fixing this problem but WireCAD keeps using the .dll.

Things I tried:

- unloading the plugin in WireCAD, no luck.
- building a launcher that launches the plugin out of an other folder, keeps locking the file.
- Building an Updater with Administrator rights, WireCAD locks the old file.

Do you have a couple of suggestions for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

25-November-2015 (07:36 AM)
You are fighting what I call a "catastrophic improvement" of the .NET 4.0 that we migrated to in WireCAD v8. There is nothing we can do on our end to avoid the issue.

I am marking this As Designed, reluctantly.
25-November-2015 (12:28 PM)