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100205[Major Bug] Cable Data Selector in Reports doesn't selectResolved Cable Data Selector
100180SQL project creation failsResolved null value in ID field of schemaversion
100194Cable number search in database does not workResolved Cable Search
100141[Nice To Have] Plan View Files Refresh ButtonResolved Planview
100143Equipment LibraryResolved Community Download BTU
100144Pinouts database issuesResolved Pinouts
100155[Normal Bug] Exception when loading image in new manufacturer formResolved Manufacturer
100166[Minor Bug] Refresh Manufacturer List when adding new Manufacturer in New Equipment FormResolved Manufacturer
100188ability to change or "save as" for pinout namesResolved SaveAs Pinout Rename
100112Make a terminal drop repetitiveResolved Terminal Drop Repeat
100115[Normal Bug] Make line type solid again when reconnection cablesResolved Dashed LineType Edit_Block_In_Place
100086[Normal Bug] "Add Many" function in equipment lib is not copying equipment detailsResolved BTU
100013Old location cables filled in with new locationAs Designed Old Location
100012Destination Location not filled in cableResolving support intentional dish
100010Floating License Key Resolved pay_problem support
100017Aux Text Updating Cable Manu Instead of Cable TypeAs Designed Aux Text Variable
100028[Normal Bug] Missing Button to Auto assign cables without formAs Designed Assignment Numbering Verbose
100033[Major Bug] Show in database gives an error As Designed Assignment Numbering
100048WC8 conversion to VisioAs Designed Visio Export
100052Memory RequirementsResolved RAM
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