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100408[Nice To Have] Datasheet from global databaseClarify Attach Document
100456Modifying Power Consumption ReportResolved Power Distribution Report
100467Auto populate equipment attributes in project equipment database.Resolved Populate User1 and User2 Signal Type Script
100468Set Viewport Scale in Page LayoutResolved Zoom Scale
100469CAD Block Parameters / ActionsResolved Grips
100482Error 455 and Error 251 when trying to assign cable numbersResolved Error 455 Pack Project
100488Project readonly. The date is today but I cannot check it in and work on it.Resolved READ ONLY CHECK OUT CHECK IN
100499Cable Types - Generic Manufacturer IDResolved Manufacturer Not Showing Up Cable Types
100504When renaming files in Project Explorer, not manually adding .dwg to the name screws up the pathingDeferred Rename Problem
100508Equipment Library - I/O - Sort by Display OrderResolved Sort Display Order
100511One to Many - Pointer?Deferred One to many pointer
100531questions on how the scaling of the drawing works when creating a viewportResolved Zoom Scale
100533Changing font in Equipment BlocksAs Designed Text Styles Font Options
100534Equipment Library - Base Point / OriginAs Designed Base Point Position
100544[Blocker] Cannot delete cable in drawing Resolved Cannot Delete Cable
100553STOCK SHAPE CONDENSEDResolved Manufacturer Position
100554"Cable#" not populating based on cable sysnameResolved Cable Text Not Updating
100569Switching to SQL Express DBResolved SQL Migration
100619New work computer, Wirecad 7 wont launch, gives error.Resolved WireCAD cannont continue We cannot find, or do not have access to your common application folder.
100621WIRE OR CABLE ID FORMATTINGResolved Cable Number Format
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