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100154[Question] Is it possible to changes header names for grids?Resolved Column Names
100159[Normal Bug] "Detail Tab" in Equipment Lib only loads when clicking in gridAs Designed Equipment Library
100171Wirecad 6 installed on new windows 10 laptopResolved Project Checkin Check-out Override
100174[Major Bug] Terminals are not deleted when deleting the main equipment entryAs Designed Delete Entity Terminal
100179Copying unassigned drawings loses cable to block connectionAs Designed Copy Drawing
100181Batch Plotter will not print last recordRe-opened Batch Plotter
100182[support] Attributes in blocks; planviewAs Designed Blocks Attributes
100191cables database empty when opening a version 7 project in version 8.Resolved Missing Data Filter Grid
100193[Normal Bug] Database Host filled in with ./sqlexpress and not own sql databaseResolved Default Database Host
100198Custom names of User FieldsResolved Custom Column Header Names
100206[Minor Bug] Global Equibment Lib "X" resets the view of the grid, button "exit" keeps the settingsAs Designed equipment library close hidden
100207[Nice To Have] Keep snap settings for all the drawingsAs Designed snap settings
100209My previous work is changed when I open drawings in WC8Resolved Image Paths Missing Bind
100218Wirecad 8 crashed on launchResolved Launch Database Crash
100219Can not edit blocks in placeResolved Duplicate Manufacturers Edit_Block_In_Place
100220Cannot find my special cable run sheet report now that I have updated to version 8.Resolved report location support path
100234Next Numbers command (NN) doesn't workResolved
100240SysName FormatResolved REGEX SysName Format Leading_Zero_Count
100244Equipment block color changes during "Edit block in place" operation. Resolved ActivePenColor Text Color
100245PatchVerx plugin fails to load in Plugin ManagerResolved
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