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100632MTEXTResolved MTEXT
100635In the CAble Data Selector page can I do multiple sorts? And if so, how do I do it?Resolved Sorting
100645Label PointerResolved one instance of a label
100666Problem sorting new ports from 01 through 72Resolved Sorting
100707Opening WC9 on a 4k monitor, then opening Equip Lib on 1080p monitor cause text to be blurryResolved 4k Monitor Size
100718Cable jumpsRe-opened cable jumps 2 cables that cross the third cable
100720One cable label for short cablesResolved only one cable label
100722Adding a Terminal grayed out.Resolved terminal list is frozen
100723Config, Equipment and others from WC8 to WC9Resolved migrate all my GlobalEquipement, config, etc from WC8 to WC9
100731Wirecad report menu stays collapsed at top of screenResolved report menu stays collapsed
100732Does opening a problem WireCAD 9 project in WireCAD 8 create more errors and corrupts it more than it had been in 9?Resolved Does opening a problem WireCAD 9 project in WireCAD 8 create more errors
100735Is it possible to ripple cable number changes into drawings from changes made in cable database?Resolved ripple cable number changes into drawings
100740Permanently deleting the green highlighted records in the cable database. Resolved Delete Handling Permanently deleting
100747Orphaned equipment all of a suddenResolved Orphaned Equipment
100768Question about Rack Frames and CardsResolved Frames Card Slots Elevtions
100785.dwg CAD block not importing correctlyResolved dwg CAD block not importing correctly
100818Bug (I guess)Deferred dark skins affects the layout and what you are printing
100825Adding same equipment to several drawings. Update Cable info when changed on one drawing.Resolved Adding same equipment to several drawings
100834Question regarding scriptingResolved Titleblock script
100845Concurrency ErrorResolved Concurrency Error
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