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Subject: Question regarding scripting
Status Resolved
Product WireCAD v9
Product Level PRO
Database Type SQL Azure
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 17072
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Working on a script for adding information to title block.
Started with your example, and it works fine.
However i want to add information as "last modified" as well as "Drawing description" "Drawing short or Drawing Long" etc from the table i can see in the "Project Drawings list".
How can i get this information into my Title Block? How do i call information from these field. The name of the parameters etc.
Appreciate if you could provide this with a example.

12-July-2017 (04:09 AM)
Here is an example of using the database record associated with the active drawing.
12-July-2017 (05:08 PM)
I having a hard time getting this to work. . I get the error when Compiling:
(58,63): Error CS0103: The name 'theDatabaseItem' does not exist in the current context(59,63): Error CS0103: The name 'theDatabaseItem' does not exist in the current context

Please advice
31-July-2017 (01:45 PM)
I just pasted the script into a new script editor window and ran it and it works fine for me. See the attached screen shot.
What are you doing differently? Does an instance of TheDatabaseItem appear like on line 59 of the stock script?
31-July-2017 (02:18 PM)
Looks like i fucked up. It is working now. Sorry about that. Ticket can be closed again.
01-August-2017 (02:48 AM)