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100849Nullable object errorResolved Nullable object error
100850I have a Block were no Mater what i try cant snap the Point on that BlockResolved Snap to Block
100857Cable Number FormatResolved Trailing Dashes Cable Number Format
100893Wirecad windows and prompts open behind the programResolved Windows and prompts open behind
100922Dialog boxes pop up tinyResolved window size scaling
100956Question regaring use of next numbers"Resolved Next Number
101001Equipment library duplicatesResolved Duplicates Equipment List
101006Recalling previously assigned Sysnames can change equipment type if error in selection is madeResolved SYSNAME SYNC
101018Text shrinks when opening dialog boxesResolved Shrinking Windows
101019Equipment dialog goes to background when cursor moves off boxResolved Library Disappears
101029Breakout cables in WirecadResolved Breakout One to Many
101044I can not start the program, I do receive an issue. Access issue ti data folderResolved Program Wont Start
101043Pin PositionResolved Center Pins
101048What’s the best way to do?Re-opened Rename IO Signal Type
101078Error 1008 program won't startResolved Event log gives error 1008
101128Add pin-able shortcuts to the New Project File Path dialogClarify New Project Path
101210barcode report number not in orderResolved Barcode Sorting
101240Swapping pointers more efficientResolved Replace Pointers Terminals
101250How to push changed from th eequipement into the cables database Resolved How to push changed from the equipment into the cables database
101286How to created a new color code for multi-coresResolved New Color Code
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