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100246Host machine migrationResolved migration sql_server
100255Strangeness using front panelsResolved Block Change
100262[Normal Bug] Pointers not found when 2 drawings are named the sameAs Designed Pointers
100266[Major Bug] Exception when moving cableResolved MOVE CABLE
100271How can I know how many connectors are used in my project?Resolved BOM Bill of Materials
100275removing attached documents in the Global Equipment DatabaseResolved Attach Document Delete
100277WireCAD Crashes to the Desktop When Creating a New Drawing or Opening the Equipment LibraryResolved Crash
100280Simultaneous work on the same projectResolved Multiuser
100283Cable List, faster column hidingResolved Reports Export
100294Changing Default PointerResolved Pointers
100295Creating a new disconnected cableResolved
100296Error noticeResolved Too Many Equipment Definitions Cloud
100299User ColumnsResolved userfields user fields
100315Issues inserting a border (block) into a new layout that was added to a drawing that was created in Auto CAD and brought into the WireCAD projectResolved Insert
100320?able crossingsResolved Jumps Cross Crossover
100328[Question] How to change a location of a terminalResolved Locations
100341[Nice To Have] Remove index when handle is not found in drawingResolved Index Delete Sub Record
100344Export Cable MagazineResolved Export Reports
100365Cables not always showing in Equipemnt DatabaseResolved Index
100381Some drawing questionsResolved GRID SNAP OSNAP SNAPSPACE
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