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This is a knowledge base of tips and tricks and frequently asked questions.


Licensing FAQ

Q: I don't want my cables to be numbered after I draw them

Q: I want the Equipment type variable in my SysName to be more than six characters, where do I go to edit this?

A: To change this, you can go to the Project Explorer and under the Project Database folder, you will find the SysName Format. You will get a pop up box, in the field of the EQUIPMENT TYPE and under the Format, you can change how many characters you may use.

Q: Is there a way to change the next numbers when assigning cables?

A: Yes there is. You can do so by going to the Project Explorer, and underneath Project Database then selecting Next Numbers grid. Then find what cables you want to change. Also, before you make a project, in the Settings>Project>Basic you can change the starting cable number.

Q: How to add another layout?

A: Go to Format>Layouts and then select New

Q: Does WireCAD require AutoCAD to be installed?

A: WireCAD is a stand alone system

Q: How to edit a block in place?

A: Click on the block, make sure it's highlighted, and then right click. Then go to Equipment>Edit Block In Place. This will pull up the Equipment Library, where you can add detail, input/outputs and display preferences.

Q: What printers work with WireCAD V7?

A: 1500 PC, 9500 PC, 1230 PC, 2430 PC, 9700 PC, 9800 PC and 9600

Q: How to edit watermarks?

A: While you are in your report, be sure to be in the Preview. At the top in your table, there is a piece of paper picture, hover over it and it will pop up with a Watermark message. Click on that and the water mark screen will pop up and there you can change multiple things about the watermark. If you need more help, please don't be shy and give WireCAD a call. We would be glad to help you!

Q: How to freeze and lock Layers?

A: How to get to this action go to Format>Layers. From there you can freeze and lock your layers. Freezing means that the layer is invisible and Locking the layer means you can't get to those entities to edit them.

Down below is a link describing what a layer is and what you can do with them.

Q: How to change my entities to another layer?

A: Click on the objects you want in that layer, make sure that everything you want on that layer is highlighted. Go to your Drawing Properties>Layer, and you will be able to change your layer. Remember to click Save.

Q: How come my equipment in the Rack Builder built drawing isn't detecting the location change?

A: If you are using the CAD Move command, WireCAD will not detect the location change. Make sure when you are moving the equipment you are grabbing it by its grip.  Also, make sure your HASHES layer exists and is not froze. You can find the HASH layer in the Format>Layers dialog.

Q: my mouse wheel is zooming way too far in and out.

A: Click Project>Settings [User][Drawing] Set the MouseWheel Zoom Scale to a number between .1 and 2. The Default is 1.2

Q: I have been asked to send my error logs to WireCAD support. Where are these located?

Note: It depends on what version you are on

A: The path is different for XP and Vista/7

  • XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\WireCAD\WireCAD6\Logs

  • Vista/7


Your logs are coded by user and month.

Q: Where Does WireCAD Put Files?

A: WireCAD places files in a number of directories.

C:\Program Files\WireCAD6
Shared Program Files
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\WireCAD\WireCAD6
User Data
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\WireCAD\WireCAD6

VISTA / 7:
C:\Program Files\WireCAD6
Shared Program Files
User Data

We also install BrotherP-Touch components to the C:\Program Files\Common Files

Q: Does WireCAD Work on VISTA/Win7 64 bit?

A: Yes. WireCAD v6 will run as a native 64 bit application. It will address all 64bits.

Bulbgraph.png Note: There is one issue though and that is that WireCAD v6 on a 64bit machine will NOT be able to convert old v2-v5.1 projects. This is due to Microsoft not porting the JET engine to 64bit. As a result, all functions in the application will work, but you will not be able to read any of your old project or global databases.

Q: Is there a way to turn off the save after every cable assignment?

A: Yes. Project>Settings[User][Drawing] Set the Save Drawing After Every Cable Assign to false.

Q: Can I have multiple documents in a Patch Verx 2 file

A: Yes. See this topic

Q: What happens when I open a v7 Project in v6

See this topic

Q: Where can I find a list of the Cables database field names?

A: See this Cables_Table_Field_List

Q: How do I sort or filter my cable reports by date?

A: See this topic

Q: What is an Orphaned Block, why do they happen, and how do I fix them.

A: See this topic on orphaned blocks

Q: Why a Singe SQL Login

A: See this topic on Why a Single SQL Login

Q: What info do I need to create a WireCAD Community Server Firewall Rule

A:  You will need to allow connection to over port 1433.

Q: How do I set up my own Titleblock?

A: See this v6 tutorial