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Buzzworks Batchplot

Summary: If you have ever had to print all of the drawings in a WireCAD project manually, then you know this plugin is for you. With Batch Plot you can scan and add all drawings and all layouts in the project. You can then select which layouts you want to print and in what order and how many copies. Batch Plot lets you preview the layout setup and once you are happy, you send the batch to the plotter/printer defined by the layout. You can add additional drawings as they are added to the project, you can save your settings to a file and reload them later.


Buzzworks Project Settings Copier

Summary: WireCAD version 6 has changed the equipment library some. One of the changes that they made it to make the display properties project specific. I suppose this is cool and I understand it but it makes me have to set up my display preferences for every project. While I can now have different settings for each project, I tend to use the same all the time. So what this plugin does is to grab a ProjectSettings.xml file of your choosing and copy it into the new project folder when you make a new project.