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Subject: Unable to assign cable numbers to certain pointers
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v9
Product Level PRO
Database Type VISTADB
Build Number (last 4 digits of version)


One of my guys is having an issue with 3 specific pointers in a drawing. They link, but we noticed when he goes to link these pointers, the line that is normally attached at the bottom left point of the drawing in the attaching pointer doesn't come from there, it comes from the middle of the drawing. It is very weird! Then, when he goes to assign cable numbers, it says it can't find the source info or something along those lines. We've tried different machines. He's completely redrawn the block and pointers. Running out of ideas. Let us know when you can link up please!

19-January-2018 (02:31 PM)
OK this is fixed in It turns out that the code did not like the drawing names ending the same:
We have modified the code to better handle it in the future.
20-January-2018 (01:13 PM)