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Subject: [Normal Bug] Plugins Folder in Program Files
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type SQL Server
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 1381
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When starting wirecad without Administrator rights, The application has nog rights to write in the programs folder. So if you want to save a new WPI File, The program gives an error en suggest that you save on another location.

Maybe it's beter to move the plugins folder to:


Or is there another reason?
03-August-2016 (10:01 AM)
This has been recommended before and deferred for review under v9.
04-August-2016 (09:49 AM)
When is the release of version 9 scheduled?
And what will be the main focus in the major Release?

If i can be of any help, let me know!
04-August-2016 (10:11 AM)
We have forked v9 and have started the process. It will have the latest from the Devexpress, Vectordraw, and Teigha libs.

The main emphasis in v9 will be to implement a rules engine.
This will allow rules to be created by the user that transform data as the program executes.
For example:
Say that you want all SDI video signal over a certain length to use a different Cable Type. You will be able to create a rule like
(SignalType = 'SDI' && Lengh >100) then set CableType = "SomeValue" else set CableType = "SomeOtherValue"
This rule will be project specific and can be applied to various operations:
Cable Number Creation
Cable Number Edit
Cables Grid Edit
We have also implemented the same expression language on all of the grids so a temporary function can be created and applied to the data in a grid without having to create a rule.

I appreciate the offer of help and may take you up on that.
04-August-2016 (10:34 AM)
Hmm that sounds very interesting. Will this also include: If ( == { use 14-2C } Else { use 12-4C }

For speakers cables that go out of the room?

Also with this include VISTADB5.2 ? It's stated that this version is a lot faster than version 3.
04-August-2016 (10:41 AM)
it is a very simple expression language that does not provide for dotted notation or curly braces but the principal of
(location = 'somestring') then location = 'something' else location = 'somethingelse' would apply. Though in your example this would probably not be a rule but rather a function applied to the data in the grid.

My tests on all of the VistaDB versions since v3 have been disappointing. I should probably try with 5.2. I have a series of unit tests that are equivalent to WireCAD functions like assign cable, add record, edit record, add relational data. The VistaDB 4 and 5 have both underperformed v3. That has been why I have stuck with it.
In talking with the new VistaDB company owner he says that his unit test are faster against v3. My testing (with the WireCAD DALs in place) does not bare that out.
04-August-2016 (07:57 PM)
We have moved the plugins wpi files to the common folder. In addition there are two folders now one for hidden plugins and one for active plugins. there is now a settings section to move files back and forth to enable/disable plugins.
18-September-2016 (01:50 AM)