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Subject: [Nice To Have] Remember positions and sizes of forms
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type SQL Server
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 1376


All the users that started with WireCAD in the past time had the same questions regarding to size and location of forms:

- The Main form always opens on the Main Screen as Full Size. Is it possible to remember the location and size of the Main form after shutdown, so the main form opens where it was last shutdown?
- The same for the equipment Library. It always opens in the main form, full size. Can this screen also remember the last position and size?
- The project Explorer always starts with the same width. Is it possible to remember the selected width on shutdown?

When I hear more of these request, i will post them below.

26-May-2016 (04:30 AM)
I agree that this needs to be addressed but I am going to defer to WC9. The scope is too broad for a quick fix.
26-May-2016 (05:06 PM)
We have added this functionality to WireCAD v9
16-September-2016 (08:12 PM)