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Subject: [Nice To Have] Option in equipment Lib to copy connectors from other entry.
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type SQL Server
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 1371


I am not sure I understand. Which connectors? From where? Into what?

15-February-2016 (04:20 PM)
So for example: I import a new samsung LCD. The import only covers the name, description etc. but not the connectors. Now I can "Save As"(Nice function by the way) but when i have created a new entry without connectors I can't copy them from another entry in the global database.
15-February-2016 (04:32 PM)
First of all I am still not sure I understand the premise. When you import a samsung LCD where are you importing from that you don't get the connector data?
15-February-2016 (05:18 PM)
Well we work with a custom import tool that's only importing data from D-Tools Database. There is no connector information available in that database. So when we begin the drawing proces we need to add all the connectors over and over again. Most of the time there is already a kind of similar product in the database we like to copy from.

I took the samsung displays as example because there are so many new models with almost the same connector layout that copying is a lot faster and safe to do.

If it's to complicated, it's not that important but a nice to have. Thanks for all the other fixes today, i'm looking forward to the next release!

15-February-2016 (05:39 PM)
OK I think I get it now. My confusion. I was thinking you are trying to get only the connectors field populated. What you are really looking for is a way to copy port information from one device to another.

How are you doing the d-tools import now? from excel?

You could add another column to the d-tools import like Copy Ports From and the device name. Then on import you look up the device name and get it ports and copy them into the newly created device.
15-February-2016 (05:52 PM)
OK I added this function to the Equipment Library. You can find it under the Edit>Copy Port Data from Another Device.

15-February-2016 (07:02 PM)
Currently we are importing with excel, yes. I made an import tool that is populating the global database and the project database with locations, drawings, decks and equipment.

Maybe in the future we will replace D-Tools with WireCAD or make a SQL connection.

Quick Question: Is there some sort of WireCAD Lite or Viewer to give to the end-user? Or only a database manager without drawing engine for Sales and Project Management?

I'm downloading the update right now. Thanks!
16-February-2016 (04:08 AM)
XL FREE is the lightest version we have but I am open to suggestions.
16-February-2016 (02:36 PM)