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Subject: problem with adding number to multicore cable
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type VISTADB
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Hi Support,

when I want to add a number to cores of multicore cable I have to select desired number twice. It is not a very big problem, but it has to be done for every single core so it disables any automated process.
05-February-2016 (09:19 AM)
True. But you should be able to select a group of cables and start the assignment. Pick the first core and the program will prompt you to apply the remaining selection to the available cores.
09-February-2016 (06:40 PM)
When I do that, WireCAD does not add a number which I have prepared for multicores. For example; I add a new multicore cable with 8 cores and I want them to be marked with numbers AAM-01-1 - AAM-01-8. I select a cable, I open a edit dialog box and select a number AAM-01-1. I click update and WireCAD add a differnt number (first one from "next number dialog box" depended on signal type). So I have noticed, if I select a desired number twice - it works. If I want to do that with a group selection, wirecad add a wrong number to first selected core but add a vright number to the rest of selected cores. If I want to rectify a first core, I can't do that because the number which I want to select is vanish from edit dialog box and my cable stays marked with wrong number. So, I can add a desired number to any core I want but I have to select it twice in edit dialog box. As I said, problem is that it takes too much time, and if I made a mistake and add a wrong number I have to do it from the start, because I lost the number. I hope that I described the problem clearly and that you understood my problem.
10-February-2016 (03:43 AM)
10-February-2016 (03:49 AM)
Can you verify that you are on the latest build (
10-February-2016 (04:06 PM)
yes, I am on
11-February-2016 (11:07 AM)
OK I think I am finally able to recreate this. Working to fix it.
15-February-2016 (04:32 PM)
OK this is fixed in 1372
15-February-2016 (04:48 PM)