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Subject: Block DescriptorLocations program presets or settings
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type SQL Server
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 1370
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For almost all of our blocks, we keep the same layout of DescriptorLocations, one that differs from the program default. For every block I add, it takes a bit of time to fix this to our ways. Would it be possible to have DescriptorLocations preset be a program or project wide customization? Either with custom presets or the ability to tell the program that it should stay this way?

The screenshot I attached is how we do ours.
01-February-2016 (12:45 PM)
There is a simple way to do this.
1. Set the Descriptor Location on any block and add it to a drawing (this is important because when you add it to the drawing we save the descriptor locations and all other device display settings as the default for the device).
2. Open the Global Equipment grid (not the library but the grid).
3. Find the DisplayParams field. This contains a string that is all of the device display settings.
4. Sort the grid on the DisplayParams field.
5. Copy the settings down through all devices.
6. Save the grid.

You should now have the same settings for all devices.

01-February-2016 (02:45 PM)
Here is a screen shot of the grid with the Display Params field copied to all records and an overlay of the block that made the display params.
01-February-2016 (02:54 PM)
That is so awesome. Thank you!
01-February-2016 (03:02 PM)
You are welcome.
01-February-2016 (05:10 PM)
I tried this and found that those settings did not persist between projects. Any advice?
03-February-2016 (01:22 PM)
I did exactly as you said, then saved the Global Equipment Grid. Once I closed and re-opened the program, the DisplayParams field was empty for everything. Also, there is no way to bulk paste into those fields, so each field needs to be entered one at a time, though that is a separate issue.
04-February-2016 (02:08 PM)
Hmmm. I am not sure why it is not persisting. You are sure clicked save on the Equipment grid?

Use the copy down function to bulk copy from the top selected item into all selected items below it.
04-February-2016 (02:36 PM)
I definitely clicked save. I also tried Save As, but that only wants to save the individual item. Does it matter whether or not I have a project open? Global Equipment Grid should be the same either way, right?

Whenever I open the program, all DisplayParams are empty.

Copy down did appear to do anything at all.

Is there any other information I could get you that might help diagnose this issue? I really want to figure it out. It would save us a lot of time.
04-February-2016 (02:42 PM)
I left a message. Call in and we'll get it figured out.
04-February-2016 (02:53 PM)
Fixed in 1372
15-February-2016 (04:08 PM)