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Subject: [Normal Bug] Missing <ButtonPath> in WPI files made with the WPI editor
Status Resolved -
Product WireCAD v8
Product Level PRO
Database Type SQL Server
Build Number (last 4 digits of version) 1368


This causes the plugin to not load the GUI elements. When adding this line in the WPI File the button is loaded and the error message is gone (There is no exception what so ever)
12-January-2016 (01:13 PM)
This is new to v8. Instead of defining the button path we define the Ribbon Page and Ribbon Page Group. Both provide drop downs of existing selections but both will accept new values.
See the attached screen grab comparison of the same plugin for v7 and v8.
Hopefully that will give you some ideas.
If I am off the mark reply to this ticket to re-open.
15-January-2016 (09:55 AM)
But when i leave out the button path. The wpi file gives an error in my plugin manager. It's loaded but not in a good way.
19-January-2016 (06:12 AM)
I may not be understanding the issue. I will run through the tests again and see if anything pops up.
Are you creating the wpi file using the editor or manually?
19-January-2016 (12:39 PM)
I created the wpi with the editor. But that i get an error in the plugin manager. After a comparrison with an existing wpi, i found out that the buttonpath was missing. After manually adding this line, the error disappeart.
19-January-2016 (04:52 PM)
This is fixed in 1372
16-February-2016 (01:25 AM)