WireCAD 10.1 Released into the Wild!

Howdy all and welcome to the WireCAD ranch!

We have released WireCAD 10.1 into the wild.

This release fixes a bunch of little bugs, breaks some things, and modifies others. For a complete list, head on over to the Change Log.

What's New:

  • Migrated from VistaDB3 to VistaDB6 databases for speed and FIPS compliance. Please note that the conversion process is automatic. Once you open a project or global database in WireCAD 10.1 you will not be able to revert to WireCAD 10.
  • Updated UI components that work better with large displays.
  • New drawing engine that opens large drawings faster.
  • Faster paste operations.
  • Implemented post clipboard paste operation to check for an relink pointer that are pasted from another drawing. Works for both On sheet and Off sheet pointers, as well as Copy and Cut operations.
  • Added the ability to search grid columns from the Column Chooser.
  • Modified the New Project Wizard project Description field to track the project Name field by default.
  • Modified the Equipment Library Appearance Settings to allow for custom settings to be saved at the user and project levels. There are no more limits on the numbers of appearance settings you can save. This modification removes existing appearance settings. You will need to remake yours.
  • Modified the ColorPicker in the property grid for the drawings and library to match elsewhere.
  • Modified the Viewport Frozen Layers select dialog to hide frozen layers from the available layers to select upon initial show of the dialog.
  • Modified the Drawing Properties grid to only show selections of 500 objects or less to optimize speed. When a selection set of more than 500 objects is sent to the property grid a message is displayed indicating that the selection set is too large.
  • Modified to better support the 3DConnexion SuperMouse button events.
  • Updated the New Report Wizard.
  • Added filters to the Terminal placement tool panels.
  • Added new location based cable run sheet report.
  • Added new location based cable pull sheet with cable types and counts.
  • Added Find field to Project Explorer.
  • Added the ability to control from the Settings dialog whether the Folder Sync mechanism is enabled for SQL projects.
  • Added the ability to drag/drop move folders in the Project Explorer.
In addition to the above we have added some additional capability on the WireCAD website to allow you to control your keys better:

  • Added the ability to set the key on the Serial Keys page of the website to NEVERLOCK. In this mode the key cannot be locked to a machine. Note: in this mode WireCAD requires an internet connection to run.
  • Added the ability for a key token to be assigned to a key for better user management. If someone leaves the organization you just change and redistribute a new token.
  • Added the ability to disable a Locked license. Note that this only works in WireCAD 10.1 and forward. 

What it Breaks

  • WireCAD 10.1 adds the ability to create any number of Appearance settings in the Equipment Library but it deletes any current User/Project settings.
  • WireCAD 10.1 requires that your Assurance be current in order to apply an update. If your Assurance is not current you will not be able to activate the version you are trying to update to. We will provide a link to update your Assurance or to download the latest version that was current when your Assurance expired.
  • WireCAD 10.1 changes the file based format from VistaDB3 to VistaDB6. There are many users that bounce back and forth between major versions. This will no longer be possible. Once the project comes forward to 10.1 it cannot be opened by an earlier version (even 10.0).
  • WireCAD 10.1 will require you to recompile any custom plugins that you have created for WireCAD10. If we created the plugin for you and your Assurance is current, you can request that we recompile the code for you.