Change Log v10

WireCAD v10.0.19.820 Not Yet Released

  • CMS mapping tool not showing tiles.

Major Function Changes

  • Completely reworked the Equipment Library and the Library SDK.
  • Modified the Assign SysName dialog to clarify the different modes of operation.    
  • Modified the Assign Cables dialog to clarify the different modes of operation.    
  • Added support for ACAD 2018 drawings.
  • Added PDF Import to drawing function.
  • Dramatically decreased project load time.
  • Dramatically decreased drawing open/save time.
  • Dramatically improved full ripple times.
  • Faster project switching.
  • Added swap Project Location Delimiter function. Allows you to change the LocationDelimiter and ElevationSlotDelimiter variables mid project.
  • Modified the Equipment Library to provide port markers. We have provided 38 marker variants and an SDK event to register your own through code. 
  • Modified the Equipment Library to include Bidirectional ports. If a port is marked as Bidirectional it appears on both the Inputs and Outputs list but can be selected for inclusion in the block from only one side or the other.
  • Added AutoWidth property to the display prefs of the Equipment Library.
  • Added support for grouped ports
  • Implemented round-trip export-import on the project grids.
  • Added Title Block Manager.
  • Added Split Cable to Pointers function.
  • Added Apply Aux Text to cable function.

Minor Function Changes

  • Added Swap Pointer Function. Allows universal change of pointer style.
  • Added Swap Terminal Function. Allows universal change of terminal style.
  • Added setting to disable progress bar. This helps larger drawings load faster.
  • Added Arc Text tool.
  • Removed drawing rulers.
  • Added project drawing file system watchers for renaming and creating drawings in the active project folder.
  • Added splitter bar to Project Systems Grid for better resizing.
  • Added the ability to create multiple new drawings from the New Drawing Wizard.
  • Modified the Crosshair setting to allow larger sized crosshairs.
  • The ModifiedByUser field is now honored in the Equipment Library.
  • The ModifiedBy field is now deprecated.
  • Removed support for Tags in user defined shapes.
  • Moved the tool panel tabs to the left side and added a user setting to allow return to the bottom position.
  • Modified the response to missing SysName to better guide the user.
  • Added Image field to global Connectors table.
  • Several changes to the Bill of Materials generator filter functions to support Not Equal, Not Like, Null, and Not Null as well as to support all fields in the tables.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scroll bars overlapping drawing window.
  • CMS mapping tool not showing tiles.

SDK Changes

  • Modified the SDK to work with the new libraries.
  • Removed the Visual Studio templates installer.
  • Added Equipment Library custom shapes examples.

SDK Breaking Changes

  • You will need to modify the references on any custom plugin to match the new version of DevExpress and VectorDraw components.
  • Utility functions that are involved with Ripple operations no longer return a string value but rather and IEnumerable<RippleOpRetunValue>.