Change Log v10

WireCAD v10.0.20.0918 Released 9/18/2020


  • Modified the Text Styles dialog to work better with SHX fonts.
  • Modified the Support Paths settings to include drawing dependency search paths.
  • Modified the installer to  include an SHX Font folder with several open source SHX fonts.
  • Added the Drawing>Modify>Break command.
  • Added the Drawing>Modify>Chamfer command with additional settings in the document properties grid. 
  • Added the Drawing>CAD Tool>Entities>XLine command. 
  • Added the Drawing>CAD Tool>Entities>Spline command. 
  • Added the Drawing>CAD Tool>Entities>Sketch command. 
  • Added the Drawing>CAD Tool>Entities>Multiline command. 
  • Added the Drawing>CAD Tool>Dimensions>Leader command. 
Bug Fixes

  • Report Cable Data Selector tab not allowing proper operation if a non-cable report is open.

SDK Changes

  • Fixed issue with ApplyCableNoAssignRuleAfterEdit not firing.
  • Fixed issue with ApplyCableNoAssignRuleBeforeEdit not honoring Cable Type and Cable Type Manu field changes as a result of rule changes.


WireCAD v10.0.20.0806 Released 08/06/2020


  • Streamlined the cable number assignment process when the source or destination system is not listed in the project Equipment List.
  • Modified Select Available Cable Number field during cable assignment to remove extraneous fields and make it more readable.
  • Added Show Duplicate Cable Numbers function to the File>Tools on the Cables grid.

  • Drawing File>Save Drawing As... not opening in the current project drawings folder.
  • Opening a drawing outside of the project folder throws an exception if the Titleblock Manager plugin is enabled.
  • Fixed orphaned block message showing under the wait indicator.
  • Fixed issue with block creation input side text not honoring PINNAME layer color.
  • Fixed issue changing signal type during cable assignment does not recalculate cable number and cable type.
  • The following grids not saving column sizing, location, order:
  •     Project Signal Types
  •     Global Signal Types
  •     Global Connectors
  •     Global Cable Types

WireCAD v10.0.20.0709 Released 07/09/2020


  • Modified the Title Block Manager to update blocks found in model space.
  • Modified the Archive to with better error messaging.
  • Modified PatchVerx plugin to autosize all column widths to match a resized column.
  • Added new script to rebuild the global connectors table from the Inputs and Outputs table.
  • Modified file open and save dialogs to follow theme.


  • Fixed Title Block Manager not updating fields when using the Open Drawings dialog with multiple drawings.
  • Fixed issue with Account Info form losing last field's data upon save. This is due to the field having not lost focus to update the datasource. 
  • Fixed issue with folder browser dialog throwing exception from Global Database Location path field.
  • Fixed issue with Drawing File>Save As dialog not producing a file of the selected version type in some cases.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0615 Released 06/15/2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with missing file in installer distribution.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0613 Released 06/15/2020


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Project Save As function point to the correct file database when creating a new empty project database.
  • Fixed Save User Settings not honoring the ImageMode or ImageScaleFactor settings.
  • Fixed issue with Azure global database upgrade to WireCAD v10 schema.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0518 Released 05/18/2020


  • Added to shape to Equipment Library called Top Frame. This shape frames the top of the block and any text that appears there with a box.
  • Added the cable database User1 - User12 and the Elevation field to the Port Info Format String field allowing use of those fields in the port marker string in addition to the base group of fields. They are accessed via the variables {8) through {20} respectively.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in SysName Assignment dialog where the Alias would be overwritten to match the SysName always when editing the SysName from a block in a drawing.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0508  Released 05/08/2020


  • Modified the SysName assignment dialog so that the Alias field updates to match the New Manual Entry mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Increment Selection Down function in I/O grids not behaving correctly.
  • Fixed null reference issue that occurs occasionally upon closing the Equipment Library.
  • Fixed issue with Equipment Library Find, Input and Output grids not honoring natural sort.
  • Fixed issue with Full Ripple from Equipment List with open drawings hangs  with file databases on some systems.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0313  Released 03/30/2020


  • Speed enhancements in the Drawing Properties Grid.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue selecting Existing SysName from list not honoring custom location delimiter.
  • Fixed issue Backbones form not honoring custom location delimiter.
  • Fixed issue Circuits form not honoring custom location delimiter.
  • Fixed issue Blind Patch form not honoring custom location delimiter.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0313 Released 03/12/2020


  • Added InvisibleMode property to the Edit Attributes dialog to allow changing an attribute's visibility upon edit.

Bug Fixes

  • User Defined shapes selection in Equipment Library throwing exception after last update.
  • Drawing Properties grid not populating when hidden.
  • Edit Attribute dialog did not honor the accept button.
  • Edit Block in Place would not complete properly if the "Keep My Equipment Library Open..." setting = true.
  • Rack Builder not honoring existing hash grids in some cases.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0229 Released 02/29/2020


  • Add Beak Blocks. These are blocks that have an arrow(beak) pointing left or right to indicate that the block is associated with something else.
  • Added  no body block. This is a block that does not render a body object.
  • Added small rectangle input/output Pin Styles.
  • Added searchable text to the MultiPage PDF output of the Batch Plotter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Reset Selected System would not remove the associated index for that SysName and would therefore cause issues with Quick Ripple putting information back in the reset block.
  • Fixed issue when opening a drawing that is locked by another user causing an exception that was thrown by the Title Block Manager.
  • Fixed issue with the Port Adder dialog not showing all input/output pin styles.
  • Fixed issue Open Project fails if there is a drawing or pdf that is open in another process. Now the project opens but indicates that it cannot display that file due to its state.
  • Fixed issue rippling project signal types with a "," in the name.
  • Fixed issue rippling project signal types that dis not have the full layer set.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0214 Released 02/14/2020


  • Modified the Offset command to honor single item selection set as the first parameter to the function. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Rectangular Array function not working properly if the selection set is empty on function start.
  • Fixed Edit Block in Place (both variants) stalling if certain conditions are met.

SDK Changes

  • Added public override void AfterDrawAll(BodyProviderConfig settings) method  to the BodyProviderBase base class. This method,  if overridden in your custom code, can be used to finalize a shape and clean up your modified settings.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0210 Released 02/10/2020

  • Fixed issue with Front Panel File selector in the Equipment Library

WireCAD v10.0.20.0207 Released 02/07/2020


  • Modified PDF Export to create searchable pdfs.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with port adder dialog sending the input port marker to the output.
  • Fixed Property accessor error that happens on some equipment in the Equipment Library.
  • Fixed issue with Front Panel File selector dialog allowing non dwg file selection.
  • Fixed issue with the MText editor not honoring line breaks on some systems.
  • Fixed issue with the MText editor PenColor selector.
  • Fixed issue with the Status Message dialog RTF export.
  • Fixed issue with distribution missing component.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0131 Released 01/31/2020


  • Modified the Equipment Library Find, Inputs, and Outputs grids to remember their column display visibility and order.
  • Modified the Add Equipment Wizard to allow selection of the Manufacturer when opened from the Equipment Library. It will populate with the selected manufacturer but allow changing.
  • Modified the Equipment Library find grid column context menu to allow showing the filter row.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Kite blocks rendering output port text at the wrong vertical justification.
  • Fixed issue when switching file based global databases at the same path but with a different filename - the switch was not detected in application and would not take place until WireCAD was relaunched. Now the change is detected and the switch happens in application without restart.
  • Fixed missing dll exception when attempting to show the folder browser from the New Drawing Wizard on some systems.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0123 Released 1/23/2020

  • Fixed Copy IO L/R function reversed.
  • Fixed Reports Cable Data Selector changes would apply but not show print preview without selecting the Print Preview tab. This would have the appearance of the application doing nothing.
  • Fixed issue with Edit Block in Place not switching menus properly.
  • fixed issue with  Show Me the global library entry not showing.
  • Fixed issue with Show Me the global library allowing erroneous editing of EquipmentName.

WireCAD v10.0.20.0109 Released 1/09/2020

  • Fixed distribution to include v10 manual. The v9 manual was appearing in some installations.
  • Fixed issue with WireCAD CMS reports.
  • Fixed issue with users able to place items in drawing directly from the Community without first downloading to local.
  • Fixed issue with explanatory message on the Update Cable with Aux Text function.
  • Added Project Advanced Setting to include Cable Type and Cable Type Manufacturer in ripple operations.

WireCAD v10.0.19.1101 Released 11/01/2019

  • Several speed enhancements.

WireCAD v10.0.19.1030 Released 10/29/2019

  • Fixed issue with corrupt cable on destination side of pointer causing exception during cable number assignment.
  • Fixed issue Save Project As not copying user fields from SQL Server source database.
  • Fixed issue with Edit Block in Place not re-routing cables if there are more than one cable.
  • Added rulers to drawing environment.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

WireCAD v10.0.19.1011 Released 10/11/2019

  • Fixed issue with CableError Check not recognizing existing destinations on some cables.
  • Fixed issue with Cancelling a grouped block causes Equipment Library to hide.
  • Fixed issue renaming a drawing from the Project Explorer produces weirdness.Fixed BackgroundWorker is currently busy and cannot run multiple tasks concurrently error.
  • Fixed issue creating new manufacturer from Equipment Library does not refresh local Manufacturers grid.
  • Fixed issue creating new equipment from the Equipment Library does not refresh and focus the found equipment grid.
  • Fixed issue newly added locations do not show in Equipment List dropdowns if the the grid is already open.

WireCAD v10.0.19.1002 Released 10/02/2019

  • Fixed SQL update issue that occurs when upgrading databases.
  • Fixed Nullable Object error on Mechanical forms.
  • Fixed Issue assigning pointers from v9 drawings across sheets.
  • A bunch of other little stuff.

WireCAD v10.0.19.1001 Released 10/01/2019

This is the release version.

WireCAD v10.0.19.820 released 8/20/2019

  • CMS mapping tool not showing tiles.

Major Function Changes

  • Completely reworked the Equipment Library and the Library SDK.
  • Modified the Assign SysName dialog to clarify the different modes of operation.    
  • Modified the Assign Cables dialog to clarify the different modes of operation.    
  • Added support for ACAD 2018 drawings.
  • Added PDF Import to drawing function.
  • Dramatically decreased project load time.
  • Dramatically decreased drawing open/save time.
  • Dramatically improved full ripple times.
  • Faster project switching.
  • Added swap Project Location Delimiter function. Allows you to change the LocationDelimiter and ElevationSlotDelimiter variables mid project.
  • Modified the Equipment Library to provide port markers. We have provided 38 marker variants and an SDK event to register your own through code. 
  • Modified the Equipment Library to include Bidirectional ports. If a port is marked as Bidirectional it appears on both the Inputs and Outputs list but can be selected for inclusion in the block from only one side or the other.
  • Added AutoWidth property to the display prefs of the Equipment Library.
  • Added support for grouped ports
  • Implemented round-trip export-import on the project grids.
  • Added Title Block Manager.
  • Added Split Cable to Pointers function.
  • Added Apply Aux Text to cable function.

Minor Function Changes

  • Added Swap Pointer Function. Allows universal change of pointer style.
  • Added Swap Terminal Function. Allows universal change of terminal style.
  • Added setting to disable progress bar. This helps larger drawings load faster.
  • Added Arc Text tool.
  • Removed drawing rulers.
  • Added project drawing file system watchers for renaming and creating drawings in the active project folder.
  • Added splitter bar to Project Systems Grid for better resizing.
  • Added the ability to create multiple new drawings from the New Drawing Wizard.
  • Modified the Crosshair setting to allow larger sized crosshairs.
  • The ModifiedByUser field is now honored in the Equipment Library.
  • The ModifiedBy field is now deprecated.
  • Removed support for Tags in user defined shapes.
  • Moved the tool panel tabs to the left side and added a user setting to allow return to the bottom position.
  • Modified the response to missing SysName to better guide the user.
  • Added Image field to global Connectors table.
  • Several changes to the Bill of Materials generator filter functions to support Not Equal, Not Like, Null, and Not Null as well as to support all fields in the tables.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scroll bars overlapping drawing window.
  • CMS mapping tool not showing tiles.

SDK Changes

  • Modified the SDK to work with the new libraries.
  • Removed the Visual Studio templates installer.
  • Added Equipment Library custom shapes examples.

SDK Breaking Changes

  • You will need to modify the references on any custom plugin to match the new version of DevExpress and VectorDraw components.
  • Utility functions that are involved with Ripple operations no longer return a string value but rather and IEnumerable<RippleOpRetunValue>.