Cleaning Up the Community Server

Let me first say that my attitude toward the community server has always been hands off. My feeling is that the data belongs to the WireCAD community and as such should not be curated in any way.  That said the database is becoming rather unwieldy. There are over one million i/o records. There are thousands of records that have no i/o.

So we are going to do some house cleaning.

Here are the criteria:

  1. If the record has no associated inputs or outputs it will be deleted.
  2. If the description contains the text Added From Drawing Please Edit it will be deleted. 
That's it for now. This does not address the duplicate records issue. I will open this post up for comments on how to handle the duplicates issue. Possible solutions include:

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Apply some version nomenclature.
  3. Apply some submitter nomenclature.
  4. Keep the record with the most I/O and delete the others.
Let me know what you think.