• New Project Settings Copier


What Does it Do?

This plugin will copy project settings from the plugins folder:

C:\Users\Public\Document\WireCAD\WireCAD10\Plugins\New Project Settings Copier

Project settings are contained in the ProjectSettings8.xml file.

This plugin will also copy project level Display Proptery Settings files (.dps)

After the files are copied, a script is run (NewProjectScript.cs). This script

can be used to set other settings and further configure the project.

How to use it?

1. Set up a project with all of your project level settings.

2. Copy the settings file to the plugin location (above).

3. Create a new project.

4. Your settings will be copied.

5. Edit the script (above) to modify other settings.



How to Install it?

Before you start. Shut down WireCAD.

1. Unzip the download

2. Copy the dll to c:\users\public\documents\WireCAD\WireCAD10\bin

3. Copy the folder to c:\users\public\documents\WireCAD\WireCAD10\Plugins

New Project Settings Copier

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