• WireCAD 10 PRO
  • WireCAD 10 PRO

The Design Canvas of Choice. 

WireCAD is a system design and documentation software that helps engineers and designers create CAD (dwg, dxf) documentation, draw and manage cable and connection information, automatically create functional block diagrams (user can create their own equipment definitions or choose to download from over 100,000 equipment definitions in the WireCAD community database), automatically assign cable numbers, auto-populate rack layouts, print cable labels, bills of materials, and other reports.

WireCAD PRO is our most widely used product level. With multi-user capabilities, it is great for a team of designers. PRO includes additional tools that help you create your drawings and manage your facility with lots of detail! WireCAD PRO is also compatible with SQL Server!

  • WireCAD is a stand-alone software, not a plugin, so no need to buy and maintain other expensive software.
  • WireCAD helps organize your projects and keeps track of all of your drawings, equipment, cables, and connectors.
  • Knowledge of CAD is not necessary. Simply describe your equipment using the Equipment Library and WireCAD will generate the functional block. WireCAD also hosts a growing community library* of over 80,000 equipment definitions; make use of equipment definitions contributed by other WireCAD users to customize your own WireCAD library.
  • Drawing cables is easy with WireCAD's one-to-one (one output feeds one input), one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many cable options. All you have to do is select the type of cable you want to draw then click on your source followed by the destination and WireCAD will generate that cable in your drawing.
  • Cable numbering is a snap. Simply double click the cable in the drawing. WireCAD error-checks the project database and gives you the next number in the sequence.
  • Location changes are made easy by using our location-aware rack layouts. Simply move a piece of equipment and the change is rippled across the entire project.
  • Once detailed drawings are created, WireCAD has several tools to create overview drawings or Visualizations at the click of a button.
  • WireCAD also comes with a built in developers SDK and scripting engine so that you can create specific plug-ins to meet your needs.

*Not all functions are available in all product levels.

Click here for a comparison of the different WireCAD product levels

Automatic Block Creation No need to know drafting, WireCAD does all the tedious work for you. All you do is describe the equipment in the database. WireCAD creates the CAD blocks for you!
Automatic Rack Builder Tool Using the data in the project database (automatically generated from single-line drawings) WireCAD will automatically generate your rack layouts. And they are location aware, so if you move a device WireCAD updates everything that needs to update.
Autonumber Cables WireCAD numbers cables automatically for you and keeps track of numbers that you have used in other project drawings.
Autoscheme Tools (Data Creates Drawings) Use these tools to create drawing from the data in the project equipment list and cables database.
Batch Plot Tool YES
Cable Count Unlimited
Cables Visualizer (Ladder Diagram) YES
Complete Single Line Block Diagram Tools All the tools to create single line functional block diagrams with cable numbers and system identifiers (SysNames).
Custom Cable Number Formatting Use the default number format which uses the signal type prefix of your choice followed by a numeric sequence and any multicore data, or create your own number format using any of the data associated with the source and destination of the cable Default: V-1001-RED Custom:JF-01>A10 TO VTR-01>SDI
Custom Equipment ID (SysName) Formatting Use the default number format which uses the Equipment type followed by a numeric sequence or create your own number format using any of the data fields associated with SysNames and concatenate it into your own numbering scheme. Default:Equip-0000 Custom:RK01-AA-10
Custom Report Design YES
Drawing Count There is no limit to the number of drawings that you can associate with a WireCAD project.
DWG, DXF Drawings WireCAD works with the dwg and dxf file formats and can also export drawings as many popular graphics formats
Equipment Count Unlimited
Equipment Visualizer (System Snapshot) YES
Global Equipment Library (common to all your projects) WireCAD uses global databases to keep track of manufacturers and equipment, as well as signal types, cable types, connectors, etc.
Integrated PDF Viewer YES
Loads Plugins YES
Move Project/Work from Home Tools YES
Multiuser Floating Licenses YES
Multiuser Management Tools (Users, Groups, Permissions) YES
Open Database Schema WireCAD uses Vista DB and SQL databases which are open (no passwords). Our philosophy is that "It's your data." Note: using SQL databases requires you to have your own DBA (Database Administrator).
PDF Export of Drawings, Grids, Reports YES
Pinouts Tool Create pinout data that can produce a cable pinout and attach that data to cables in the project cables database.
Power Consumption and Heat Load Reports YES
Print Bill of Materials Bill of Materials provides counts of equipment, cable types, input connectors, and output connectors.
Print Cable Labels YES
Print Cable Runsheets/Cable Schedules YES
Project Error Checking YES
Scripting Tool The scripting tool is a great place to start customizing WireCAD to your needs and business processes. Work out the logic in the scripting tool and then transfer that code to the SDK and create a plugin that can register toolbar buttons and other GUI elements.
Shared Community Library WireCAD provides the WireCAD community with a server to share WireCAD Equipment Library definitions with other WireCAD users. Requires access to community.wirecad.com over port 1433.
Shared Databases YES
Single User Floating License YES
Software Development Kit (SDK) Use the SDK to create plugins to extend the capabilities of WireCAD or tie WireCAD processes to your business processes.
SQL Server Databases, SQL Azure Databases YES
User Defined Equipment WireCAD provides tools to allow you to create your own equipment definitions and add them to the database. We have spent years refining these tools to keep them simple and reduce the amount of typing involved.

WireCAD 10 PRO

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