Training Terms and Conditions

Transfers/Cancellations/No Shows:

Training fees are non-refundable. Training fees may be transferred to future training dates as subject to the rules that follow herein:

  • Training fees must be redeemed within one calendar year.
  •  Training dates are transferrable until ten business days before the scheduled training.
  •  Cancellation within ten business days of training will result in a forfeiture of training fees and cannot be rescheduled. Training can be repurchased at a later date.
  •  A no show consists of someone who does not attend the training as scheduled. No shows will result in a forfeiture of training fees. Training can be repurchased at a later date.
  • Training fees are subject to change at any time without notice. Transferring to a future training date may incur additional fees.
  • Rescheduling of training is subject to a rescheduling fee.

Partial Attendance:

WireCAD training consists of lesson topics that build upon one another throughout training. A participant who misses any topic due to tardiness or leaving early will be unable to participate hands-on in the remainder of training. Upon return, the trainee is welcome to silently audit the remainder of training. No effort will be made to review the missed material.

  • If a trainee is tardy or leaves training early for any reason, they will forfeit training fees. Trainees can repurchase training at a later date.

Assurance Discount:

  •  Current Assurance/Subscription members are eligible for a per seat/trainee discount.
  •  Assurance/Subscription must be current at time of training in order to receive discount.
  •  Transfer of training date to a future date outside of Assurance/Subscription window will incur additional fees.