• Why So Many Builds?

Why So Many Builds?

I get this question all the time when we release a new major version.

Our build cycle goes like this:

  • Initial Major Release. The software is stable and has made it through several months of beta test and real world trials.
  • Daily builds as new issues are found in the wild. This usually goes on for the first month or so.
  • Weekly builds. After the initial frenzy dies down we start to issue weekly builds. This usually goes on for another month or so.
  • Monthly builds. This is our normal approach for the remainder of the first year. This is when we start on the next major version.
  • Quarterly builds. After the first year we will issue quarterly builds.

New in WireCAD v8 is our Customer Experience Improvement Program.

When you launch WireCAD the first time you are prompted to participate in this program. Here is what happens when you do:

  • WireCAD creates a session log of your activity. General trace events are logged along with exception data. Your machine name and user name are all of the personal data that we collect from the environment.
  • Session logs are submitted to our server where the data is aggregated and reports are issued to our development team about commonly seen issues.

So should you update every time we release a new build? Yes. We are always working to improve the application with your input. 

If something is not working should I uninstall then re-install? No. While this was a strategy that worked in the past to make sure that system had the correct dlls, we no longer share dlls. WireCAD installs all of our own dlls side-by-side. What this means is that by uninstalling you are removing and replacing the same dlls.