WireCAD. The design canvas of choice.

What is WireCAD?

Getting Started with WireCAD

Functional Block Diagram Design Canvas

  • Large Equipment Library
  • Cable Drawing Tools
  • Sticky Wires
  • Auto Number Cables

Fiber Management Tools

  • Declare and Visualize approach
  • Intuitive Data Entry Forms
  • Declare panels, backbones, risers, circuits
  • Visualize ladder, riser, and block diagrams all without drawing.

Rack Layout Tools

  • Automatically Generate Rack Layouts
  • Location Aware Movement Updates All Other Drawings and Databases

Plan View Layout and Estimation Tools

  • Pull Take-offs
  • Place Equipment
  • Draw Cables
  • Assign Equipment
  • Assign Cables

Cloud Storage

  • SQL Azure Database Support
  • Use Your Own or Subscribe to one of Ours


  • Cable Labels
  • Run Sheets
  • Equipment List
  • Bill of Materials
  • Power Consumption and Heat Loads

Equipment Library

  • Create Your Own Equipment
  • Download from Large Community Library