Hello and welcome to the new WireCAD website.

You can view more information about the new website, WireCAD version 8, and your keys over on our blog post. Click here to view.

Functional Block Diagram Design Canvas

  • Large Equipment Library
  • Cable Drawing Tools
  • Sticky Wires
  • Auto Number Cables

Fiber Management Tools

  • Declare and Visualize approach
  • Intuitive Data Entry Forms
  • Declare panels, backbones, risers, circuits
  • Visualize ladder, riser, and block diagrams all without drawing.

Rack Layout Tools

  • Automatically Generate Rack Layouts
  • Location Aware Movement Updates All Other Drawings and Databases

Plan View Layout and Estimation Tools

  • Pull Take-offs
  • Place Equipment
  • Draw Cables
  • Assign Equipment
  • Assign Cables

Cloud Storage

  • SQL Azure Database Support
  • Use Your Own or Subscribe to one of Ours


  • Cable Labels
  • Run Sheets
  • Equipment List
  • Bill of Materials
  • Power Consumption and Heat Loads

Equipment Library

  • Create Your Own Equipment
  • Download from Large Community Library